Can I use Envato Elements for my freelance client projects?

Can I use Envato Elements for my freelance client projects?
Envato element licensing for freelance projects.

As a designer, we cannot make everything from scratch so we use templets and design assets designed by others and use those in our project. This where digital asset market place like Envato come into the picture.

Every freelancer like you and me is always skeptical about using a digital asset downloaded from the internet in a client's project. The skepticism is about the digital asset's usage/ license.

I was skeptical while I was deciding to buy Envato Elements but, I heard about Envato Elements from some YouTube channels and the offerings were very tempting, with millions of assets, simple licensing, and unlimited downloads Elements.

But as a freelancer I had this one question “Can I use these digital assets in my client's projects”? So I decided to dig deeper and learn more about Envato Elements and its licensing terms for digital assets on Envato Elements and find the answer to whether the assets can be sublicensed to my client or not.

What is Envato elements,?

Envato Element is a one-stop shop for creatives, with a vast library of millions of digital assets such as stock photos, audio tracks, video clips, illustrations, website designs, icons, etc. It offers a subscription with an extensive & ever-growing library of assets that you can download unlimited times.

What comes with the subscription?

Envato element offerings
Envato element offerings

Envato Elements offers a wide variety of digital assets from photos, and videos to icons & illustrations you can almost find everything you need as a freelance creative here.

  • Graphics & layouts
  • Stock Video
  • Video templates
  • Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Graphic template
  • Presentation template
  • Photos
  • Fonts
  • Add ons
  • Web templates
  • CMS templates
  • Worpress templates
  • 3D assets

Licensing Envato elements digital assets for client projects.

Envato element licensing
Envato element licensing

Envato Elements offers a simple one-size-fits-all licensing model which they call Simple lifetime commercial licensewhich means you can use the assets for personal and commercial projects yes, including client projects as long as you have registered the project and obtained a license for it. more on how to get a license for each project is below.

All the licenses are valid forever even after you have canceled the subscription which makes this licensing model easier to use and manage.

Well there are some things that the license does not covers and are not allowed.

  1. You cannot resell or redistribute the assets.
  2. You can't use items in on-demand services.
  3. You can not use the assets for trademarks.
  4. You cannot use the assets directly on the bases of merchandising, for example, printing on t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  5. You cannot use the music item in the broadcast presentation.
  6. There are special terms & conditions for music and fonts do check them out at Envato font & music license terms.for

These were the general don’t dos, you can always check out the full licensing terms & conditions on the evnato elements - Licencing term page.

Steps to add client project to obtain a license of the digital asset.

Envato element sublicensing
Envato element sublicensing

Sub-licensing Envato elements to a client.

To use an asset in a client project you need to register every project in which the asset was being used and obtain a license document. If you are using the assets for a client it is better to share the license document with your client and convey the limitation on the usage of the work to the client.

Sharing the license with the client creates transparency and helps the client if there is any copyright or legal action taken on the work you created using the digital asset.

Step 1: Select your asset.

Search for an asset you want to download and click the download button.

Envato element downloads an asset
Envato element downloads an asset

Step 2: Download the asset & create project

Envato element downloads an asset
Download elements from Envato elements

Click on download to download the asset

Add license and download
Add license and download

Select an existing project or add a new client or project name for which you are downloading the asset

Step 3: Adding a project to an already downloaded asset

If you want to use the same asset for multiple clients, go to my download, locate the asset, and click add license.

Envato elements my download page
Envato elements my download page

Write the project or client name for which you want the license.

add project license to existing asset
add project license to existing asset

Every asset you download will have a licence.txt file in the zip file. Save it for future reference and produce it if you face any copyright issues. Don’t forget to share the license file with your client for his reference.

Is Envato worth the investment?

Yes, 100% especially if you are freelancing or are into content creation. Envato elements provide incredible value for money and save time by offering almost everything a creative designer needs to design & make content. The subscription of $16 is worth investing to get high-quality digital assets and resources to streamline your work, increase productivity, and produce high-quality work.


Envato element pricing page

You can download all the assets from the above category and use them for personal and commercial use after subscribing to Envato Elements Individual plan, ElementsEnvato Elements Individual plan which costs around $16/ month. If you are a student you can also get a 30% discount.

The good thing is if you cancel the subscription the license of the already-downloaded assets does not expire and is valid forever, however, you cannot use the downloaded assets in new projects.

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