Scribble Diffusion

Scribble Diffusion
Scribble and direct the AI to draw a realistic image for you.

This AI tool helps you to convert a handmade scribble into a realistic AI-generated image with details.

Scribble diffusion works on control net which has an extra layer of control as its name suggest to the stable diffusion AI model which is popularly used by midjourney, dall-e, lexica, etc.

Unlike other text-to-image generators where the output is controlled by just text only, control net allows you to give visual inputs on how the elements on scene are placed. Scribble diffusion is a tool where you can play with the ControlNet model.

The interface is simple, there is a blank canvas to doodle or scribble, a text box to describe what the scribble is about and then there is the right canvas where the output is generated.

Scribble Diffusion
Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI

Examples I tried

Prompt: A goofy owl in Vangogh painting style

Prompt: A urban landscape on a beach side in Vangogh style.

Prompt: Abstract art

🤨I might have seen this kind of art style somewhere and the signature type-looking element on the bottom right corner makes it more suspicious. But never the less we all know these AI models are "trained".

What are you scribbling?🤔 Copy the link and share it in the comment section.

As always stay healthy and enjoy designing.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more posts!

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