Gobierno de Aragón Design System

Gobierno de Aragón Design System

DESY is built as an acronym for DEsign SYstem, or design system. It was created in 2021 as an initiative of SDA to improve the identification and usability of the digital services of the Government of Aragon, optimize the resources dedicated to design and development, contribute to maintaining accessibility standards and ensure that the applications and websites of the government of Aragon can be used with all types of devices and media. It is the first design system published in the open for a public administration in Spain. DESY is published in the open and developed with licenses that allow any person, company or organization to use it.


DESY. Sistema de diseño del Gobierno de Aragón.

Figma File

DESY | Figma Community
Figma Community file - DESY es el sistema de diseño del Gobierno de Aragón
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