Design Lessons & Exercises by Figma

Design Lessons & Exercises by Figma
Design Lessons & Exercises by Figma

If you are slightly interested in design I bet you might have heard "Figma". It is a popular design tool used to mainly design apps and websites but not limited to it. Because of Figma's versatility and easy-to-use experience, designers are using it to make icons, illustrations, prototypes, ads, social media posts, etc.

Now, If you are a beginner or planning to change your career to design and want to start learning the basics and get an overview without getting lost in the technicalities of design.

Here is the list of our 12 free design lessons from Figma:

  1. Getting Started
  2. What is graphic design?
  3. Design Thinking & Ethics
  4. Accessibility & Inclusion
  5. Design Research
  6. Content
  7. Storytelling
  8. Simplicity
  9. Consistency
  10. Constraints
  11. Hierarchy
  12. Typography Design.

Each lesson ends with A further reading and viewing section to explore and learn about the topic further.

Additionally, there are 5 Exercises to practice what you have learned in the above lessons.

  1. Design brief and mood board
  2. Create a storyboard
  3. Reducing Complexity
  4. Using an existing design System
  5. Design your CV or resume

Overall these are good to give an overview of some of the topics in design and expose you to the world of design without making it complicated.

As always stay healthy and enjoy designing.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more posts!

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