AI powered notetaking makes visual notes, superfast.

AI powered notetaking makes visual notes, superfast.

Hello fellow designers, how are you doing?

Note taking something which every designer must learn and practice on a regular basis. Be it meeting notes, research notes or even note while you are making design decision notes are helpful to record thoughts and reflect back later and analyze why you made that decision.

There are many note taking app in the market which helps you organize your notes and jot down notes quickly.

I came across this tool which can create simple infographics and visual to summarize a paragraph and make you notes more digestible and readable.

Napkin AI helps you convert your text only notes into visual notes without spend hours on analysing text, generating ideas and drawing visual.


Napkin AI visual notetaking

Here's and example of napkin AI generating visual by analyzing a paragrah and suggesting multiple variations of infographics to choose from.

Napkin AI generating infographics for your notes

The interface UI & the experience of the website is simple, clean and intuitive.

You can check out tool at and comment how you like it below.

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