Make you audio and voice sound crisp as chips like a pro - Free AI sound editing tool

Make you audio and voice sound crisp as chips like a pro - Free AI sound editing tool

One of my friend runs a Youtube channel, he do not edit or do any improvement to his video and upload the videos as recorded by his mobile camera.

The video recorded by the mobile camera look fine without any fancy color grading but the audio recorded from his mobile phone is horrible.

He usually records his videos in a empty room and if you have ever recorded a video in an empty room you know what I am talking about. Yes the echo kills the voice.

So, my friend asked me make the audio better, he knows I am not a professional sound engineer but he know I can solve problems and have done some video editing work in the past.

Upon hearing the audio of this video I was totally devastated because the audio was so bad I would need too much sound editing and time to make the voice crisp and clear.

So what did I do, Well I used AI to do the heavy lifting and fortunately I found 2 AI which were free and produced amazing results in enhancing voice in the audio.

Adobe Voice Enhance

I have known this AI since Adobe launched it, this AI is focused on clean audio and enhance voice for podcasts. The sample given on the website sounds pretty promising and I always wanted to try it some day and now the day has come.

So, I exporter just the audio in mp4 from the mobile recorded video and uploaded it in the adobe voice enhancer AI.

After a few minutes of processing the the AI gave the output and It was really unbelievable.

The echo was gone, the voice was uplifted and overall the audio was very very clear and crisp.

Using the adobe voice enhancer saved me from spending countless hours of tuning the equalizer and adding effects on the audio manually.

If you are making videos and the audio of your video sounds bad do try Adobe voice enhancer AI.

A small caveat: For some reason the enhanced audio sounds jittery and clips some words, although the echo was totally gone there was enough treble but the voice became jittery which was a problem so I explored some alternative and found another Free audio enhancer.

Auphonic AI

Auphonic AI gives 2h of free audio editing and voice enehance service for free per month, which is more than enough for me so I uploaded the same audio here and after a few minutes of processing and AI magic the output was generated.

The AI worked pretty well, the audio was much cleared and the voice was enhanced. Unlike Adobe voice enhancer the was no jittery voice in this.

But, the there was too much base which was not a big problem as I can reduce the base in my video editing software.

Overall, both Adobe's Voice enhancer AI and Auphonic AI are a good and Free solution if you want to clean your audio and make it sound crispier.

For my audio Auphonic gave better results It may differ for your audio so try both and chek what works for you best.

Let me know if you know any other free/ freemium sound enhance

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