U.S. Farm Production and Conservation Design System

U.S. Farm Production and Conservation Design System

The components and style guide of the FPAC Design System follow industry-standard web accessibility guidelines and use the best practices of existing style libraries and modern web design. They are designed for use by FPAC product teams to create beautiful, easy-to-use, and consistent digitial experiences. It was created and maintained within FPAC’s ISSDOB/FBCSS division, and is heavily influenced by the U.S. Web Design System created and maintained by the wonderful folks at 18F.


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Design System for USDA Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC)

Figma File

USDA | FPAC Design System | Figma Community
Figma Community file - Styles and Components to design Digital Products with the USDA’s FPAC Design System. Color StylesTypography StylesComponents, complete with Variants and built with AutoLayoutTemplates (Draft)Patterns (Coming soon)
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