Games for designers

Games for designers

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer these games are a quick way to practice your skills. Here are 13 games to enjoy and test your skills. Games for designer part 2 is out check it out once you are finished playing these.

The Boolean Game

This is a game is all about shapes and how you can make new shapes by merging shapes using union, subtract, intersect, or divide boolean operation.

For example, The gamepad icon below is made by subtracting a pill by 4 circles and 1 plus.

Designer’s Eye- It’s centred that

Do you have a designer’s eye to catch minute details? This game challenges you to visually inspect if the dot is in the center of the shape is it is off-centered.

Color Method

Color method is a time-based game in which a random color is given and the player has to locate the color on the color wheel. 6 color concepts 6 levels, hue, saturation, complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic.

Bezier Method

Making perfect curves and masks using the pen tool can be challenging for beginners, but this game adds a fun element to practicing pen tools and becoming better at making bezier curves.

Shape Method

One more game to see bezier curve handles in action. The game challenges to make the correct letter shape by adjusting one or more Bezier handles.

Kern Type

Kerning is the spacing between individual characters, if typography excites you will love this game. The game challenges you to slide each character and get the kerning perfect.

Can’t Unsee

Yet another game to develop your skill to see like a designer. 2 options, 1 of which is incorrect visually. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go

Better Webtype

An advanced type game to teach you to design perfect paragraphs by adjusting font size, line-height, and line width.


Random design prompt generator for your next mockup project or when you want to just practice your skills on a random topic. Choose a difficulty level, set the times, and get started

Type War

If you geek over type typefaces you will enjoy playing this game. Tell the typeface just by looking at a single character.


Select two types and send them on a date and see what happens.

I shot the Serif

Shoot the serif letter hiding in a bunch of sans serifs

User Inyerface

The most annoying game, try to fill out the form in the least time and send me the screenshot. I tried and left it in midway.

Want more games? Check out games for designer part 2

Games for designer [Part 2]
After a huge response and interest on the article “Games for designer” I have found some new games for designer which you can try to learn design in fun and interesting way. So here are 7 more games to play and learn design while having fun. Pixactly A fun game
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