Games for designer [Part 2]

Games for designer [Part 2]

After a huge response and interest on the article "Games for designer" I have found some new games for designer which you can try to learn design in fun and interesting way.

So here are 7 more games to play and learn design while having fun.



A fun game to test how much you now about pixels. The game is pretty simple, you have to draw a square of the exact width and height. There are five rounds, each round asks you to draw a size of square. The game has some quirky copy to say when you draw a rectangle which is way off what was asked. Go and try, what was your score comemnt below.

How pixactly trained are your eyes?
Pixactly is an online tool that tests how well you know your pixels. Try it for yourself! #pixactly

The Logo Quiz


How well do you know brand logos? Test your brand skill by identifying the brand with their logo. Write the name of the brand below the logo and score.

Logo Design Quiz
About J.Pink Design, what makes a good Logo? Brand consultant J.Pink tells all.

Logo Design Quiz

What the hex

How strong is your hex game? Identify the color by its HEX value #FFFFFF, choose a difficulty level and play.

What the Hex?

What the hex game

Logo Quiz

Another logo guessing game. Guess the brand from the logo image, choose from 4 options. | Play Logo Quiz Online!
Test your knowledge of corporate logos in this fast-paced Logo Quiz! How well do you know brands like Nike, Pepsi, and CNN?


Are you good at colors? Find the color in a set of given colors. You will find the game easy in the start but wait till you have 5+ options to choose from and they all look similar.

KOLOR - Free Color Guessing Browser Game
Kolor is a Free Browser Game where you have to be as fast as possible by guessing colors in order to score high. Play Now!

Hue test

Are you good with your hues? arrange colors according to their hue and check your score, lower the score the better

Hue test

Html color name quiz

How well do you know the name of colors? test your knowledge on color names.

Color Name Quiz - FakeClients Blog

Hope you enjoy playing and learning design

Stay healthy, stay curious, keep designing.
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