Top 11 Youtube channels to Master UI/ UX/ Product Design for free

Top 11 Youtube channels to Master UI/ UX/ Product Design for free

Before you join any paid course or bootcamp to learn design checkout these Youtube channel to learn and master design for free.

If you are someone who is considering to pivot your career to UI/ UX or someone who has started to learn the basics of design, paid bootcamps and courses might look tempting and may claim to make you a master at design.

But before you spend money, let me introduce you to 11 awesome YouTube channels where you can kickstart your design journey and master the craft without spending a dime. These channels provide valuable insights, tutorials, and tips from people who know the ins and outs of the industry. Get ready to unleash your creativity and learn from the pros!

Without further a do let me share the 11 youtube channels you can kickstart and learn & master design for free.

  1. King Sidharth
  2. Design Course
  3. Mizko
  4. ABNUX
  5. Design Pilot
  6. Saptarishi Prakash
  7. Ansh Mehra
  8. Bring your own laptop
  9. Figma Design & Office hours
  10. Malewicz
  11. Interaction Design Foundation

King Siddharth

King Sidharth
Videos for designers, product managers, and people working in tech & startups. I’m Sidharth — I head Product & Design at @GrowthSchool. Also a college dropout, 3x TEDx Speaker, speaker at 30+ colleges, and create content for the startup folks.

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King Sidharth Youtube Channel Screenshot
King Sidharth Youtube Channel

Design Course

DesignCourse 👈 Learn UI/UX and CSS with my custom interactive courses. New videos weekly on UI/UX Hi, I’m Gary. I’ve created close to 100 courses from graphic design to advanced frontend development. I’ve worked with Envato Network’s,,, L…
Design Course Youtube Channel Screenshot
Design Course Youtube Channel


I dive deep into product design, growth, business strategies and entrepreneurship in loose sweats and ripped jeans. Over the last 13 years, I have worked as a product (UX/UI) designer, lead designer, freelancer, and eventually became a 10 person agency owner generating $6,000,000 in design work.…
Mizko Youtube Channel Screenshot
Mizko Youtube Channel


Founder of 10kdesigners – learn UI/UX design. This channel is dedicated to sharing my stories, insights, learnings and processes • • • • Previously Head of Design at Unacademy, Founder @LisnApp. Abhinav Chhikara.

Design Pilot

Design Pilot
Get ready to learn Product Design like never before! Hey! I’m Chethan, a self-taught product designer from India, currently in Berlin, Germany. And I’m here to help you learn Product Design like a Pro! I cover a wide variety of topics that make you industry-ready. I break down the most complex conc…

Saptarshi Prakash

Saptarshi Prakash
Hey there! This is Saptarshi (a.k.a. Sapta), an engineer turned self-taught Product Designer based out of Bangalore, India. In the last 8 years, I have worked with some of the very well known startups of India and learned anything and everything that is needed to create amazing experiences for the u…

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Ansh Mehra

Ansh Mehra
Learn about Technology, User Experience and Extended Realities. Upskill yourself for the latest creative tech jobs in the market! About Ansh Mehra: Ansh is a Product Marketing Manager at Zuddl, a virtual events hosting platform. He is a filmmaker turned engineer who eventually pursued UX Design an…

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Bring your own laptop

Bring Your Own Laptop
Here at Bring Your Own Laptop we aim to provide our viewers with high quality information tutorials for software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator and more. We’re always looking for more suggestions on what our viewers want to learn about so make sure to comment wh…

Figma Design & Office hours

Figma is a free design tool for teams who build products together. Born on the Web, Figma helps the entire product team create, test, and ship better designs, faster. FigJam is an online whiteboard where teams ideate together. Nothing great is made alone, so sign up for free a…

Must Watch Playlist: Office hours


Hello! I want to redefine and disrupt education. This channel is about design, building companies and having a happy life in the process. Sharing my over 23 years of experience with you. ⚠️ I don’t do paid collaborations - don’t bother! ☝️ We still do client work! If you want squareblack to desig…

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation – IxDF
The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is the world’s largest online UX design school. We were founded in 2002 and have over 120,000 graduates. We are market leaders in online design education because the world’s leading experts create our content and because we specialize in design. Our courses c…

These people have helped me and many lots like me to become a better designer. I am grateful to all of them for sharing their knowledge on Youtube and helping fellow designers to upskill.

It takes time and lots of effort to make videos and share knowledge while maintaining quality. Thank and motivate them to keep making videos by liking subscribing and sharing it..

Thanks you for reading, stay healthy, stay curious, keep making great designs.

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